Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Oh It's the Magic Number

Well everyone here is the story, before I am too senile from sleep deprivation to remember it:)

40+ 2 Thursday, September 16th:
8pm: I start feeling some funny goings on down below. Some "tightening" if you will. I start timing. We're at every 10 minutes. I continue timing contractions all night, because I am getting all crazy with overdue excitement and I have nothing else to do... Like I don't know, SLEEP.
Anyways, I time all night while my husband sleeps peacufully like a cherub on a bed of clouds with a lullaby of harps. In his defense, I didn't tell him about the contractions. I didn't want him to get excited if it wasn't the real deal.

40+3 Friday, September 17th:
By 6am the contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes and were only getting uncomfortable. I called Dr. POC and she told me to go into L&D.
8am we checked in and were at 3cm. We walked the halls and used an exercise ball to get to 4cm around noon.
At 4cm I could still breath and focus through the contractions. This shit is a cinch. I was all swimming it up in the whirlpool. Life is grand.

4pm Dr. POC, that whore crack head monkey loving biatch broke my water. Let's just say things escalated rather quickly. And by "rather quickly" I mean, immediately.
Holy hot damn. The contractions went from manageable, breath, focus to primal shrieks of terror focus on not dying.
I tried nubane for the pain. I have to say ladies, don't waste your time with this crap. Nubane is like being drunk while being run over by a train. One question: Why? Exactly.
An hour later, around 5pm and 7cm, I went for the heavy hitter and got the epidural. Sweet mother Mary it was the best thing on earth. I feel that the creator of the epidural should be nominated for a nobel peace price. I'm just saying. Kick back, put your feet up and just watch the contraction monitor soar. Suckah!
From that point on we hung out in or room with 10-15 friends and family. It was freaking awesome and it made the time go by so fast.

11pm- 10cm Oh yeah, we're having a baby.

40+4 Saturday, September 18th:

2:05am Tyler Ryan was born at 6lbs 14ounces screaming his gorgeous little fool head off. I couldn't believe how small he was for 40+4. And only a minor tear. Road rash, if you will.

I am so in love with this kid, I'm like vomiting love. He is the absolute joy of my life.

My man

3 1/2 months: